Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stray, unrefined, unfinished thoughts . . .

The Continuum of All Things

There's a point
At which the party-
Sized chip bag
Can't shrink
Any smaller
Before its paucity
Of ounces
Qualifies it
For a new name--
  A fiesta for two.

And there's a point
At which worry
Or pain or
(fill in any undesired thing)
Can't extend
Any longer
Without transforming
Into something else

* * *
A Haiku of Sorts

Enemies and friends
Two sides of one coin, both use
Energy to spin.

* * *

Every north-south road we traversed was under construction, but, as my sister pointed out, we weren't at all annoyed, knowing that orange cones and heavy equipment meant work (employment, a job) for somebody.

* * *