Monday, January 26, 2009

Sensical nosense starts here . . .

Meal sell, riddle hello.

Set hum test.

Ewe-barrow Q hill real letter.


Writing is metallic

readings are too

tin can be dented

text already has dings

who knew?

(this is not a poem--it's more of an obvious riddle (yes, that's a contradiction))


Megapixel-lexicon-nocturne (and this is where this word-train ends)


Faint Q tour seeding!


Betty Edit said...

I liked that last one the best. The second one I already knew because you told me. The first one I only tried to riddle out for a bit but didn't get it because I'm no good at those sorts of things--it's hard enough for me to decipher what people are saying when they're actually saying what they're trying to say. You know?

Olive Kite said...

Yeah, well . . .

literaqueen said...

I'm really brain dead, so I just enjoyed the sounds of the words. I like the word train best (the one that ended in nocturne). How are you these days? Did your Christmas present get to you okay?

Olive Kite said...

Literaqueen, I have been meaning and meaning and meaning and meaning to MAIL you, as in SNAIL MAIL you, a thank you for the beautiful Christmas gift. I love it. It is amazingly perfect. AND, someday, you will get the snail mail message. (Of course, I have written you at least three letters that never found their way into envelopes. Sigh.) I hope that you are well. How's life?

Olive Kite said...

In fact, the other day, Literaqueen, I composed--in my head--a public apology for not responding to your Christmas package. I was going to make a blog entry of it, but then when I arrived home, I was too worn out and useless.

Olive Kite said...



literaqueen said...

Life is slow and dreary when it's just gray and cold outside. A friend and I were joking the other day that we need to have a "We survived January" party. Or maybe it should be a "Someday it will be April" party.

When are you coming to West Virginia to play? Christl's kids sent me thank you cards the other day and they were SO CUTE!! Neither Kenna nor Kieran can spell my name correctly (one said Shella and one said Shula). So, I think I'm Shula from now on.

I need help planning a big birthday bash, too. Not sure if it can happen in Utah like Christl would like it to, but this year it needs to be BIG because this is a BIG birthday.

Olive Kite said...

How exciting! A birthday bash! I'm guessing you're having worse weather than we're having here. We've actually had clear skies, warmish weather (jacket weather), and sun for most of January. Today, it feels like spring, including the sounds of chirping birds. I'd say that we've been spoiled, but after last year's nightmare of snowstorms every other day, we needed a break. (Honestly, I don't know if I've yet recovered from that miserable winter's commute.) Anyway, I'm all for a WHEN WILL IT BE APRIL party. Celebrations help make life enjoyable.

Olive Kite said...

Literaqueen, will you email me your current email address? I'm not sure the one I have is the correct one. Thanks!