Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy socks . . .

I like patterned socks: bright blue and yellow thickly striped socks, light brown socks with thin pink lines circling them, black socks with subtle flowers, argyles, bold polka dotted socks. I lean towards the non-representational sock; although, I once had a pair of white socks with a little frog created, in part, by a piece of green felt that you could lift up. Maybe it said ribbet underneath. I'm not sure. I just liked those socks so much that I wore them out.

I try to buy my pants long enough to hit at the respectable place on my shoes when standing--this isn't always possible, though, due to my height and fabric shrinkage problems. And even when they are long enough, it's inevitable that my socks will show when I sit down. I've seen a few surprised faces, but that just makes my feet feel bolder and happier.

There's something wonderful about putting on a pair of happy socks every once in a while. Feet shouldn't have to be confined to respectable black socks or white athletic socks all of the time. They already have to slip inside plenty of respectable shoes. So why not allow them a little freedom, a little pizazz, a little craziness. Keep the feet happy and you keep a whole lot of the rest of you happy too.

(Now shoes? That's a whole other topic.)


Betty Edit said...

1. I'm so glad you said "whole other" instead of "whole nother" because that is one of my pet peeves.

2. I love socks. Argyles strike the perfect balance between respectability and silliness. At least, they do for me.

3. I used to wear a lot crazier socks, but I guess I've mellowed out with age.

4. Socks are very special. Have you ever read the essay about the role of socks in the Harry Potter books?

5. Now I know what to get you for Christmas!

6. SOCKS!!!

7. The end.

Olive Kite said...

4. I've never heard of the Harry Potter essay; it sounds interesting.

1. When I typed "whole other" I wasn't sure if it was correct.

6. ROCK!!!

3. Don't mellow. Well actually, it's good to mellow some.

7. Is also a beginning. Always.

2. and 5. :-)

Oriana said...
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Oriana said...

I love crazy socks too! My favorite pair was black with little white stick figures all over them. Alas, they are dead now. I look forward to becoming less respectable with age. :-)

I agree with #1. Do people actually write "nother", not just say it?

Olive Kite said...

Welcome, Oriana,

Your name sounds like a constellation.


Olive Kite said...

Who deleted a comment? That simply is not allowed!

Sheila said...

Now I want to go out and buy a lot of fun non-representational socks. Too bad it's too hot to wear them. My feet are happy in flip flops these days-- or no shoes at all.

Olive Kite said...

In the winter, Sheila, you will need lots of warm non-representational socks. I feel it!