Thursday, July 17, 2008

Questions at 2:30 AM . . .

Question.1. Isn't it interesting that the word questions is comprised of quest, a purposeful or searching journey, and ions, those atoms that they're always talking about in hairdryer and straightening iron advertisements? (Apparently, the static and frizzy quality of our hair involves negative ions, so if we buy one of these great products that creates positive ions, we can neutralize the mess and have lovely hair.) Anyway, a quest ion could be seen as a search for what was lost (-) or as an understanding of what was gained (+).

I tend to see life in terms of loss and gain: In every loss (-), even the hardest ones, there is always always at least one gain (+). And when I write, I write about loss and and the holes that loss leaves as well as the new attributes, experiences, abilities, associations, etc. that are born in and out of that loss.

Question.2. Isn't it interesting what you can discover in separating and spacing out the letters of your name?

.....O .....

.....O..................K.............. (The e can stay silent (or act as a period), because that's what e's are the best at!), k? (Once again, we have a silent e.)

Often we find what we're looking for, either consciously or unconsciously. But sometimes we're graced by serendipity.

Question.3. Isn't it interesting that we can be up in the middle of the night and have all of these threads and thoughts, but no real questions? Instead of the big things, the real things, the purposeful things, we choose to type questions about letters.

Here's one of my real questions: Do I have to be conscious to dream? And another: If I paint a door on the wall, what will I see as being on the other side?


Betty Edit said...


But really, that is very intriguing, and now I know what you were doing up so late, and now I know why you spaced your name out.

Betty Edit

Bet ty Ed it


Bet ty diet?


I'm no good at those things anyway.

But I agree. Be ok.

Oriana said...

I think we dream unconsciously. But our dreams are what our conscious minds would tell us if we let them.

So, if we want to consciously dream, then we need to open our minds to them.

Sheila said...

I like the letter play, but I'm wondering why in the WORLD are you awake at that time of night to come up with these questions? Go sleep, silly!

Don't paint abstract doors. Real ones are hard enough to paint (it's what I've been doing all week-- or at least the door frames).

Betty Edit said...

It's my fault Olive's up so late. I ask her way too many questions, which in turn makes her think of even better, more interesting questions.

Olive Kite said...

Or maybe I'm just up way too late, because that's what Olive does. But, Sheila, you're right, I should go to sleep!