Friday, July 11, 2008

XXOO (and no, this is not a bowling score) . . .

Have you ever noticed that when you line up olives you get a string of Xs and Os. So if you need to tell your boy/girlfriend, friends, and family members that you love them, consider giving them some olives.

I don't think this matters, but I've always seen the Xs as hugs (Xs being arms) and the Os as kisses (Os looking like smooching lips), but it seems like a lot of other people out there see the Xs as kisses (side view of two people kissing) and the Os as hugs (aerial view of arms wrapped around each other).

I guess that this means that some people might see XO as being two forms of kissing (peck and smooch), and others might see XO as being two forms of hugging (hugging oneself, hugging another), and others might see either XX or OO as representing both a hug and a kiss. It's all a matter of perspective.

Whatever your symbolic orientation, all you really need to know is that it's unnecessary to send roses or cards or notes or to do kind deeds in order to express your love or appreciation for someone; all you need is a can of olives. I recommend Western Family or Early California.

Happy caring! Happy eating!



Betty Edit said...

That was a fantastic post. I especially enjoy the phrase "symbolic orientation."

My symbolic orientation is that people usually write xoxo and they're always together, so who cares which is which?

But it's true about olives. Olives = happiness.

Be oek?

Olive Kite said...

I received an email that was xxoo, and if you read it as hugs and kisses, then the xs are the hugs, the os are the kisses.

I like your way--xoxo--better.



Oriana said...

We're talking about black olives, right? Those are really yummy. I like the idea of them being hugs and kisses. They always remind me of joyful children because that is when you teach them to put them on their fingers. Adults try to secretly put them on their fingers as well, but usually end up getting caught.

Olive Kite said...

And some of our fingers are a bit too large to slip inside the olives--I generally end up splitting the olives open. Sad.

And yes, we are most definitely talking about black olives. I haven't yet acquired a taste for green or any other kind of olive.


Betty Edit said...

We should all have an olive tasting when I am back in ol' poo-tah--help you acquire that taste. :o)

Olive Kite said...

Whole Foods (formerly Wild Oats) has an olive bar.

elegyrl said...

I LOVE olives! I have barely noticed the x's on them. I have seen them but I must admit I do pay more attention to the O's for the fingers :) but I enjoyed reading your blog and the symbolization of the hugs and kisses! I can see why Betty enjoyed your class so much and how you became friends! If I ever move to Utah and go to school I will be signing up :) I am sure I will see you when you are here and I guess I will talk to you then! Thanks for the comments on my blog! I didn't realize that any other people were reading it.

Sheila said...

My fingers are small enough to usually avoid splitting the olives. Hmm-- would splitting an olive symbolize thwarted love? Nah.

Black olives are great-- but I like kalamata olives, too. And tapenade, although then the olives are all mushed up and you don't get the XO symbolism.

Somehow I don't see olives suddenly replacing roses and chocolates for Valentine's Day . . .

Sheila said...

Okay, maybe I'm really slow on the uptake, but I just realized that olives match your name. Hmm. Coincidence?

Olive Kite said...

Wow, the Olive page has exploded!

When I was a kid, my uncle sneaked a green olive into my ice cream at a reunion, and I would not eat my ice cream. I was usually such an accommodating kid, too.

I've always loved black olives though. And so does all of my immediate family.

Sheila, you sound like an olive connoisseur. I'm not surprised. You were the one that hosted the curry party in grad school. So, I should be trying kalamata olives (are these Greek olives, or am I way off base?) and tapenade olives (I like that name). Good to know. I think I had better write that information down on a LIST, so that I don't forget: Olive's Olives to Try. (And yes, Sheila, isn't it great that my name matches my most favorite food in the universe? It must be fate. Also, can't you see some great olives skewered and arranged in a vase for Valentine's Day? It would be really post-modern. Okay, maybe not.)

Elegyrl, I will most definitely see you sooner than later. And, keep blogging, fellow-olive-lover!


Oriana said...

Granato's has a great selection of olives. I'm not a big fan, but my mom says they are great. They have garlicky ones, Kalamata, etc.