Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am all over the place . . .

. . . and yet in the same place.

Tonight I think about patterns and how some patterns we think we see aren't patterns at all, just interesting coincidences mistakenly read as a pattern due to the close proximity of the events.

One day a friend texted me to ask what my measurements were. I was surprised and hesitant to respond because earlier in the day I had been talking to a friend about my measurements and how I had gained inches. She thought it was funny that I had them on my phone and wanted to see them. I declined.

I saw the two events as being linked--one friend telling the other to ask me--when in fact they were coincidence.

What other "patterns" do I see that really aren't patterns?

I have also been pondering relationships. When I grow close to someone it is because we share a vision. We don't have to share every vision, like, hope, dream, or value, but we have to share enough to make the association congenial and worthwhile and forward-moving and inspiring.

When I grow apart from someone or distance myself, it is because we don't share enough commonalities in the important stuff (i.e., how to spend our money, NOT what is our favorite color).
This is exacerbated if I am being denied key aspects of myself: my likes, my values, my dreams and desires. This is exacerbated further when I am not seen for who I am or when I am being hurt (a new wound on top of a still-healing wound makes it really difficult to be close to someone).

Love has many facets and levels and layers. Not every relationship accesses the same portions of my heart.

If you love someone let them go. If you love someone let them be themselves. Basically both are saying the same thing: to love is to accept and adore another person for exactly who he is. It is allowing him to be himself without criticism or repressing or altering or remodeling or changing him. If we allow people to be themselves, they will thrive. This is God's way; He is, after all, a God of love.

And now I've waxed preachy, I will conclude with: there is so much more to say and to say better.

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