Sunday, March 10, 2013

I don't know what to pray for . . .

. . . and was it my fault that I didn't listen when I thought to write out the girl's name on the list of formal petitions to our Father. I thought, I will write hers next time. And then the world split apart.

Had I acted would the angels have been able to stop the fission? Would they have been permitted to quell the battle and thereby eliminate any horrific aftermath?

I do wonder, just as I wonder if I dare reach out in prayer when I am already so hurt and broken. I am afraid of what I might hear. I am afraid of what I won't feel. And so I hold really still and wait.

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Triangles of Prayer said...

Olive, have confidence that if you pray with the girl in mind, that the Lord and his host of angels will see to it that the prayers will reach their intended destination.

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